windy wobbles and winsome waves…

“I need to get to the sea,”  I said,
to lean against the winds
and let the waves wash over the weeks of ache
until sky stretches out wide inside my chest,
rising and falling,
with the rhythm of the tides.”

But the week wouldn’t roll with my wishes,
wouldn’t wait for me to go and return
so I leaned instead into Love like-an-ocean
and let the clay of me
dip deep in the waves that appeared
once I traded wanderlust for here and now.

There were whisps of Autumnlight,
like sunsparkles on big water,
and wild wooly winds whipping willows overhead
as I stood beneath
and let them coach my soul easy.

There were waffles and winesaps
and whispering grasses gone dry,
their breezy waving and whooshing a golden tide
finding my weak and wobbly places
and soothing them soft
with great affection.

Right here.
Right now….just where I am completely
there is an Ocean
and I am in it
and it swells and rolls inside me,
it’s gentle comfort brushing back my hair
like the sound of seashell held to wondering ear.

Listen.  Do you feel it?
Go slow and savor.

“If grace is an ocean we’re all sinking.”  
                             – John Mark McMillan