the tender tone of true….


You know how sometimes you feel the sting of disapproval
so sharp inside yourself,
feels like you have to curl your toes hard into the ground
to keep from bolting from where you stand?
(especially venomous is the judgment
of your own over-zealous ego)

I think that toe-curling thing is quietly exhausting.

There is an effective antidote,
your own soft,  soothing,  kind-hearted voice
filled with grace for just exactly who you are
right now.
(yes,  your own voice……God can use you a lot in your life,  you know)
Choose it well,  the tone of voice you use with yourself.
It infuses the music of your life.

“It’s so awful,  attacking your child.  It’s the worst thing I know
to shout loudly at this fifty pound being,  with his huge,  trusting eyes.
It’s like bitch-slapping E.T.”  -Anne Lamott

Yeah,  I know I’m taking this quote out of context.
But it kinda works,  and besides,
I find it hilarious:)