tenderlings and clover…


Hello,  little tenderlings
long percolating in the deep,
waiting in the quiet breath
until the earth exhales

and winterbrown fields lift up their voices
and call the robins back,
tugging wiggling life up from loamy-smelling ground.

as there begins blooming such a ruckus,
earth rippling and splashing color
like a meadow of dolphins
and I hold my arms wide


and feel again little girl love,
I who pulled the greens first from the big box of crayons
and spent my most delicious hours
skin to grass and clover

all wrapped up
in the sweet mystery that dwells in mossy groves
and it comes again swirling,
holding open doors
while love pours in to take up
where it started long ago

and like a child making pictures
the earth paints faithful
and new days
and forever
and hope
in every shade of green.


“the world is exploding in emerald,  sage and lusty chartreuse
-neon green with so much yellow in it.
And explosive green that,  if one could watch it
moment by moment throughout the day,
would grow in every dimension.”
-Amy Seidl

(and, big gulps of thanks to each of you beautiful souls
who wrote such healing words
over my last post….i’ve tried to respond
to each of you personally
and say again how much i treasure
your friendship with
a heartfull of love)