magical mystery tour….

Hope happening
as I join my bliss with  Liv’s ,
my heart thumping grateful for a week of wonder,


~daytripping west with my bestest
where orchards in blossom hugged mountainsides bursting with newborn green.

~waiting in Dr. office,  a very old gentleman shuffled out the door
and began singing loudly in the lobby,
belting it out beneath tufts of whispy white hair
and a sudden hopeful magic settled over everyone like mist.

~diving deep into my trueness
and living from my coolest,  freshest waters
instead of slugging through the muddy shallows of shoulds.

~body growing lean and strong with digging soil
and walking slow and long.

~leaves flushed out on trees and again they sing,
everywhere rustling with melody
and I rest back soft against the music and look up into the song.

~the happy rush of making and leaving bites of art,
tokens of love
for just that someone to find,
releasing them like ladybugs
to work their gladness.

~even when the strong one tumbles from ladder,
ankle fractures,
dog squirts vile and stains floor,
checks and bills collide and brawl,
and pain screams sharp and overheats,
I can still shake free the heaviness,

and say my “yes” to this magical mystery tour
and travel these wild roads with my tender guide,
instead of brow furrowed,  eyes strained,
soul breaking out in hives
over some mapquest version
of this life that is mine.

And I’m okay with backroads
with rest and take it slow
and take the long way when I can
and let my spirit flow.

“Love said to me  “I know a song.  Would you like to hear it?
and laughter came from every brick in the street
and from every pore in the sky.

After a night of prayer,  He changed my life when He said
‘Enjoy me’. “

-Teresa of Avila