January rising….

I love how January settles in with a merry thump,
like a good friend plopping down
with a drink in her hand,
and I welcome the after-busy,
cleansed-palate way she has about her.

I’ve loved this month since I was a girl,
how she holds my birthday,
and feels like maybe it really will snow tonight,
deep and fluffy this time,
and bring the sleds off the wall in the garage
and maybe even close down school,
and what if I don’t even do my homework tonight
because the air smells a little like magic.


….yeah,  I love that about her.

And I remember that January night of many years ago,
dangling over the side of my bed
to peek at a little stack of presents underneath,
wrapped in pale yellow birthday paper,
just waiting until tomorrow,
waiting for me.

I remember whispering,  in the dim sliver of light from the hall,
“I can’t believe I’m almost 5.”

It was pure wonder.

Somehow January takes me there again,
suspended over a pile of unopened presents,
just waiting for the sun to rise.

zine header

“Life is an occasion.
Rise to it.”
-Mr. Magorium

Hello from the holidays.
It’s been an intense time of hospital and emergency and family gathered near and miracles and gratitude
and love overcoming all.
Wonderful and exhausting.

I’d love to give away one of my January issues of Ripplesongs
so I’m having a drawing this week;
leave a comment and you’re in the running:)