Overflow overture….

For firm hands kneading tight muscles,
a tire swing waiting in the yard,
small brave farms raising fresh food from earth,
rocking chair ready
and all the little fascinations that make each soul unique,
I give thanks.

For angels and eggsalad,  soup and solitude,
stories and cinnamon and swallows and snowflakes,
hot clean bathwater
and teakettles when they whistle,
I give thanks.

For family and friends and strangers who smile,
the smell of fresh coffee and candles burning softly,
a belly full and sore from laughing,
movies and music and macaroni and cheese,
and all the many ways LOVE finds me
…..that Love is the strongest,
I give thanks.

For washes of  light
and kisses of breeze
and sweet doggie snuggles
and pie with whipped cream
  and heartache and hassle
and the sting of feeling misunderstood,
frantic and frazzled and falling apart,
for my shepherd in the shitstorm,
and that I’m not alone,
I give thanks.

I hurl up praise through joy and ache
and fling myself headlong into the arms of grace
my battered heart is well and safe
and with relief I whisper thanks,
it is well
it is well
with my soul.