Sea deep and sky sure….


I dreamed my world was sinking,
going down,  down,  deeper into the
dank,  dark,  depths.
Drowning seemed so horrifyingly sure.
I held fierce the rope I’d tied between us
until my lungs shuddered to bursting,
tucked my chin to chest to muster more grip
and in that flicker of ear-to-heart
I heard it quiet like a lullabye
“I’m deeper,  still……let go the rope”

Let go and surface,  my heart urged calmly.

Heaving deep,  exhausted gasps
my face felt again the sweet rush of air
and here in this big,  wide sea
I let go the weight of worry and rescue,
trusting in a stronger love
that is deeper still.

Do you feel it in your deepest soul,  the fear-grip?
White knuckles shaky on a worry rope you cling to tight and breathless
and blistered and worn,
pulling you down?
Detach….let it go…..there is a better way.

I sense the struggle down below
but also the firm and gentle pulse of peace
as it whispers through the panic
“you can swim….you can swim”

I go calm as I note the salt of the water on my lips,
the stir of breeze
and the vastness and blues of the sky
as the waves toss me sure toward the shore

And suddenly  I  just am again
and not so necessary,
here with my freedom
and my toes in the sand.

“Detachment does not mean we don’t care.
It means we learn to love,  care and be involved without going crazy.
We become free to love and care in ways that help others
and don’t hurt ourselves.”
-Melody Beattie

I’ll be here every day this month,
sharing a little.