35 years of blossoms and stones…..

35 years of learning how to love.
Of learning how to stay when my heart already packed,
of truth-telling and fair-fighting and forgiving my way back
to the place where we stand together
in this riotous river of grace.
35 years of sometimes waiting lonesome with a  hungry hope for him,
sometimes him loving me still while I stormed down a hardened heart
from where I hid my love away.
Sometimes magic,  too sweet to even say,
and sometimes both of us too tired to kick the embers for a stir.

35 years of imperfect love,
of hard-won friendship and broken dreams,
of not-too-late and courage to lean again
into the flawed arms we offer up
with the best of our sometimes hearts,
lifting always this thing up
to the Love that is solid enough
to mend the cracks we keep.

35 years of the light getting in,
coming through,
doing the healing,
faithful and fresh

– 35 years of thank you for it all.

“Some hang on to used to be,
live their lives looking behind.
All we have is here and now……

Love lift us up where we belong.”

– Joe Cocker

(the song I chose those 35 years ago and the lyrics I still cling to like a prayer)