kisses and kings…..

I lay my mind down firm beneath the tree
my back grateful against floor warmed by short stay of sunshine,
heart heavy for my mister
on his George Baily bridge,
a blizzard of discouragement bearing down hard
injustice stinging
sharp bites to his face,
hard to see clear.

My eyes nuzzle deeper into sweet smelling fir tree
squinting to take in the twinkle,
hungry for sight my eyes alone can’t do
…..please take me there.

There in that dream-like place of seeing true
I saw a checkerboard;  my mister was the red
and the game was hurting on him bad
and his eyes met mine
in that place where I feel helpless
and desperate with  “what can I do?”
and his spirit whispered “King me“.

I squint and puzzle “king me?”
leaning in hard to see.
even as my mind rolls it’s eyes
and I watch my hand reach to my lips
and pluck a red checker
like a spoken kiss
and place it feather-light on his head.

I speak and release the checker……”be free to find fresh vision,”
…..Life-strength surged into his piece and he became more focused and aware of options.

“be free to attract solutions and synchronicity,”
……another surge of spark.

“Be released to let heaven help you,”
….and so it went on.

Infusion of hope nourished me deep
as I sent out living words to find his spirit
like blowing heavendust to seek and settle
where he needed to “be kinged.”

And as I left the living sparkles on the floor beneath the tree,
back to scary spreadsheets and toilets tainted with flu,
I touched my lips and blew a kiss
wrapped around spiritwords
“sweetheart,  be free to feel Love’s opinion of you… believe it,  to agree,  to live out that truth.”
And somehow I began to feel it too.  For him.  For me.  For all of you.

I send you kisses of light!

Giveaway results:
Hooray for Marion,  whose name was plucked from the bucket,  winning the space in class!
I hope this brings her even more Joy and Wonder.  (check out her fantastic blog)
I wish I could bring you all.   I do.