the sound of silence

This week has been chock full of change,
just so much jostling,  jolting,  bustling,  bolting,
beautiful,  bountiful change
that I’ve scurried to the hub,
the spot on center of me
where my soul doesn’t squeak at all,
deep in the just-being part
where no words ever go,
leaning against the smooth-worn rock
that finds me like a friend
in this room of the house that I am.

It’s otherworldly quiet in here
and soothing shaded,
the silence soft around me like creamy linen
and breeze before rain
and I settle in present
and surrounded
by an unspoken ease
and take it in gentle
…this kind of gift you open slow.

So I’m few of words this week,
just a gentle offer to sit here with me,
in this exquisite quiet
and listen for the things
we just can’t hear enough.