A skyfull of whispers…..for you


In my heart,
I’m folding crisp a Christmas card I made you
layering spirit and light and blessing and love
to whoosh on angel breezes
and settle soft like snow
exactly where you are
right now.


Inside,  a skyfull of shining starry whispers
would encourage your muchness
and lift away fatigue
and stir your courage
and sing over you fresh hope
and say it exactly how you need to hear it
that you’re beautiful
and priceless
and golden.

I’m sending it now,
trusting the mystery
that it sticks in all the places
your heart needs it most.

Feel it?

“This is the irrational season
when love blooms bright and wild.
Had Mary been filled with reason,
there’d have been no room
for the child.”
-Madeline L’engle