dream a little seaside dream…


when I grow younger
I will summer by the sea
and ride long each day the freedom of the waves
and the tide pools will hold the spills my heart makes
and I’ll be as light as seafoam on the breeze


and my lovies and their littles will gather there with me
in that great wide space beside the deep
to laugh in the surf
and play in the sand
and nod beneath the stars
all of us together easy
and peaceful,
filling up on sky
and trotting along the shore.

Summer 2010 119edited

I pluck  this dream from my hidden heart
as June with her busy way begins to throttle back
and make a space for July to slip in and slow this train on down,
and the sound of gears grinding stirs tears of yes and please and relief
as the shriek of speed begins to gentle
and Summer drifts in like a warm whisper
and I lean in to let her feathery touch brush over me
and let my dream sunsoak awhile  with me.

Summer 2010 154edited

 I wouldn’t want to beach it for all time
…a week in a house on stilts by the ocean is the most  I’ve ever known
and even so return home parched for green and lush and dappled light,
the soothing sounds and hues of the shoreline a welcome balm
but not a forever palette for me;
my soul would wither without trees.

Still,  I dream a dream of enoughness
to stretch out inside and linger long
a whole July beside the sea.


It’s always a rush to scurry back,  just a night or two away
now that I’m way too grown up
and it feels scandalous to even let myself play with the idea,
this wish my heart makes,
but I’m saying it out under the stars tonight
to let them twinkle their maybes over me.

Whoooosh,  there it is.
Letting go and letting loose my hope;
let it be.


“Throw your dreams into space like a kite,
and you do not know what it will bring back….”
-Anais Nin