blowing grateful bubbles….

bobbing to the surface now
after being rolled by a rogue wave of fatigue
that seized and slammed me low
spinning  me dizzy,
whitewater pressing down heavy,
slow panic setting in

when the tumbling tossed me a memory
….little girl me standing in the breakers
full face to the foam,
arms stretched wide
and waiting to be  swept up and under.

I LIKED being scooped up
and tossed into tumble,
rolling like an otter and delivered to the shore
laughing with the freedom of it all.

And so again I’m letting go,
relaxing into the shoreline roll
and coming up laughing,
still sputtering and blowing grateful bubbles for the wonder of:

~these dandy little drops of Vitamin D
…..turned my vicious little heart attacks of a hot flash
into warm flushes.
hormonal happiness!
(big thanks to Kathy of Paper Pumpkin for her gem of advice!).

~raw honey, new breeze,  fresh whispers and busy angels,

~loving comfort singing my name,
gathering the pieces that I am
and putting them back together in all the right order

and even when it’s not all right,
it’s alright.

“The world is all gates,  all opportunities,
all strings of tension waiting to be struck.”
R.W. Emerson