Almost in the short rows…..

It’s May,   the reason I haven’t posted or come around to visit for awhile,
the marathon month for Rivergreen,  our small family business.
May,  the tiny window during which I dig a gazillion holes
and muster up soil from red clay and tuck in flowers and herbs and veggies and trees,
painting the earth with living art
in this small slice of time
before she turns up the oven quick and begins to bake the clay of my designs
into the gardens they’ll be for the long growing season.

It’s May,  the reason that I grin tired thanks for the wildflowers
winking from the roadways as I drive along dirty and sweat-soaked
and going in a hurry to the next somewheres that I’ve also gotta be.
It slows the too-fast of my heart to watch their effortless dance.
I love how simple.  How easy.

2015-05-10 19.42.24
I’m a little too pooped to write;
just want to share their smiles with you
because really they have their own way of saying
and it’s all too sweet and sacred to bungle with words.

I think of you while I’m down there on my knees,
you know,  humming your name to heaven
and smiling thanks for the gift that you are.

I’ll be back with more soon.
I’m almost in the short rows.

“The art of deep seeing makes gratitude possible.”
-Ann Voscamp


welcome to my morning….

Welcome to the morning of a season freshly turned,
the delicious hush of all my gardens growing on their own
( feels like tucking in 35 children for their naps,
all soundly sleeping for a hopeful chunk of time).
My heart tiptoes into spacious bliss
and,  timid at first, while I listen for a stir,
I begin to unwrap the sweetness of a gentler time
and settle in to feast on the quiet

I do so love Rivergreen,  our small family business and livelihood,
but this time of year finds me threadbare and worn,
the hard and messy work of designing and building gardens
and partnering with their owners,  teaching and training
and troubleshooting and problem-solving and
wading through weather that often seems to bruise
and deeply hungry for rest from the bustle
while thirsty to taste the tea been steeping in my heart
all those days bent planting in the sun


While this grows the artist and writer in me,  it leaves
precious little energy and time for me to pour it out and serve it up on paper
the words and images that find me
while the busy season thrives .

I’m excited about a project that’s been taking form inside
while the long days of planting grew the seeds in me,
almost ready to pick and slice and serve,  still warm from the vine.
I’ll be offering it up next week
when it’s fully ripe.
So excited to share!

“Always keep some room in your heart
for the unimaginable.”
-Mary Oliver