drum circle tea….

I love to give
so keeping Christmas
is my passion in it’s glory
but it used to stress me to tears
and stir a sort of performance anxiety
that made Christmas an event to be conquered,
Now,  even with just a few dollars in my pocket,
it is joy

sitting near the flame until love burns  hot
and pours down over creativity,
waiting while it steeps,
and breathing in the steam,
until I’m in love with all these lives
growing in my garden,
and sipping the hot tea of it all
till it warms my belly
and sets my soul to twinkling

Now Christmas becomes like the watering I so enjoy,
a moisture bath of goodness to pour on generous
and oh the peace that settles over me
as I hum and cluck over these sacred spaces,
each beautiful priceless heart.

I feel invited to enter a drum circle
help play the rhythm of heaven
for the heart of someone I love.

Could there be anything sweeter in this whole wide world?

 I’m starting my Christmas shopping today.
Yes,  I really did wait this long and usually do.
I’m terrible at holding gifts until Christmas….always end up
giving them early,  bursting with the surprise.
Everything I collect is inevitably gone by December.
So I’ve been tucking my little business
in for the winter,
making the tea,  and I’m  ready to enter the drum circle.


I wish you wonder these busy days of preparation.
Be sure to save room for miracles!