tired smiles and soft sighs….

The words just haven’t found me,
not this week,
only tired smiles and soft sighs
for the sharing
….. something I heard in living breezes as they billowed,
 echoed by growing things
and fluttering wings.

“You’ve done enough”.
I’ve rolled this idea around and around
like a sea pebble in my pocket,
 heavy comfort in it’s weightless warmth 


 “You’ve done enough”….kneaded deep into muscle and soul
until my jaw goes soft enough
to taste the truth
and let Love be sweetness
and fruit.

When there isn’t enough of me
to do
what it seems that I should
must I measure out more from this cup
already in the red?

“No,  you’ve done enough.”
“Really?   I don’t feel like….”
“Really.  You’ve done enough.   Allow me….”

~big slamming busy season for Rivergreen and alot of growing pains with my lovies has me feeling worn a little thin.  Rainy week predicted….I hope, I hope!  Please wait for me,  October:)

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