August rest……

Each month I start a new folder on my laptop
for photos I’ll take and save that month.
Humming with messy hope,  I type in the title
like mixing a color
or naming a poem
and no over-thinking allowed
…just plunk it down,
whatever is rolling around in my belly.

I love looking back a the images from that month
and seeing the serendipity
…”there is only love”
“a river runs through it”,
“the days were golden”
….each month with it’s own story to tell.

This month out popped “August rest”,
pulled playful from August Rush
(which I’d begun to type)
and I sat grinning at the irony,
with the engines of our busy season are already rumbling,
the acceleration making my floorboards quake.

Yes,  yes indeed to rest.

Yes to resting from  stuff that steals away my time,
from spending on anything I don’t have to buy,
from trying to please,
trying to know,
trying to foresee.

Rest from scolding myself
to be quick and try harder,
from wondering if I should do more,
offer more,
be more,
write more,
right more.
Simply inside myself,   rest.

A firm “no” to rush;  a gentle “yes” to rest.
August.  Rest.

I’ll still be coming around to share my rest with you!
One way I’ve been resting my mind is with these outdoor paintings!
I love letting them find their way into the garden and onto the trees.
The weather-proofing is working!
(palms clasped)
The music of it all is sweetness to my soul.