trail markers and tools….

I wish I could relax with you on a quilt in the grass
and tell you how amazing and valuable and utterly beautiful I think you are.
Before we parted I’d squeeze your hand and slip a little package of these bites of art to you
with a hug and a smile and a maybe a pray if you want
so you could take away some playful mile markers,
of the journey we’ve shared.

If I quoted anyone,  it would likely be Melody Beattie because her words,
they’re just so good and I want to remember a few of them exactly.
Like this:

Nurturing yourself is neither silly nor self-indulgent.
It’s how we show love for ourselves,
(building)  loving relationships with ourselves that work
so we can have loving relationships with others that work.”

  I love that….sing it,  Melody.

I’d also share this
-my life coach and friend,  Anjie,  showed me and it’s really helpful.
Whenever I’m feeling
H ungry,  A ngry,  L onely   or  T ired,
Just stop for a moment and ask:
what do I need to do right now
to take care of myself?

(like take a walk,  power nap,  call a friend,  leave,  drink some tea,
say no,  re-schedule,  go home,  get out and play……etc)

Yeah,  I’d pack you up a helpful little tool bag and wrap it in some pretty cord
and leave it with you,  if I could.

I’ve loved this visiting season
-so glad to be tramping across the earth with you
…..hope you can feel my smile.