heaven humming….


It’s May,
the reason I haven’t come around to visit
or posted for almost two weeks
-my marathon month….the teeeeny tiny little window of time
during which I have to
dig a gazillion holes,
muster up good soil from red clay
and tuck in flowers and veggies and shrubs and trees
then a whole heap more flowers
for about a hundred really excited-to-have-it-done-yesterday folks;
and faster,  please.


It’s May,
the reason I grin at wildflowers winking from the roadside
living out their effortless dance.
They’re so easy to be with.

I’m a little too pooped to write;
just want to share their smiles with you
because really they have their own way of saying
and it’s all  too sweet and sacred
to bungle with words.


And to let you know I think of you as I make my gardens,
your beauty finds me even there
and whispers light and joy
and I hum your names to heaven
and smile inside where I carry you in my heart.

I’ll be back with something more again soon.
I’m almost in the short rows.


“The mere act of breathing is poetry in motion,
the art of life.
We are all artists
-our body is a brush,
the world is our canvas,
and life our painting.”

-Robert Taylor