fresh wings…..


I want dreams that don’t drive me,
vision that isn’t urgency,
and wings that don’t tremble
with go.

“I don’t want to end up having simply
visited this world

-Mary Oliver

 (I’m taking a small slice of time
to slip away from my everydayness
but I’ll be here each day with a short,
just the same.)

holding true……


When panic really clears her pipes,
singing loud and off-key
her anxious songs beside me,
I don’t have to change my tune.
I can hold my notes
and keep belting out my song,
keeping true to this heart
that is mine to follow.

Funny how there is more creative energy
in peace
than there is in panic,
more juice
to get loose from the noose
when we keep breathing and smiling and still.

Our song is our birthright
and it flows truest on a river of peace,
peace that is fierce
and powerful
and ours for the choosing.

 ” There is little in our lives we cannot do better
if we are peaceful.  Few situations – no matter how greatly they appear
to demand it -can be bettered by us going berserk.”

“We don’t have to forfeit our peace.  It doesn’t help. We have the same facts and resources available to us when we’re peaceful that are available to us when we’re frantic and chaotic.”

-Melody Beattie


blossom song…


There’s a river of glad in these petals,
deep veins of song,
and I’m rich because of their music,
how they swirl their poetry generous over my eyes
till my spirit is humming along

about how sweet the way of seasons,
of sunshine and shadow,
and their joy invites me lean in close
and listen to their lasts,
like wise ones so full of living,  at the end,
who murmer grateful about how faithful the love
that kept them,


how wasteful the rush,
how needless the worry,
how glad for even the hard wind blowing
that gave them their chutzpa
and stirred their muchness bright,
their colors twirling praise
for the grace that walks them home

and as their song trickles down peace,
I catch a glimpse of the old woman of me,
many years from now,
her seasoned eyes shining with the memory
of my still-to-come,
humming that it had been good to be,
that there had been nothing to fear,
God had had this all along,

and this journey,  every second of it mine,
not to strive,
but to enjoy.


This post is available in my etsy shop (on the sidebar),
poured out in art
on prints bound with simple twine
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There are several there now to choose from
(and a batch in the oven- so. much. fun)

I drew two names from the pot
for the giveaway
(huge thanks for all of those wonderful suggestions
~holding them close to heart and marinating)

it’s joy to send a bundle to
Kathy of Paper Pumpkin
Lee Ann of Encouragement is Contageous

Big thanks for the kindness and  support.
With all my heart I love you all.

the days were golden…

just this,  dear friend,
from my heart to yours.

 the words didn’t find me this week
but I wanted to paint you joy

and to share the way
the last of the zinnias hold the sun
soft and close
showing us how
to soak it in
for the cold,  gray days to come

and just look at all this gold
~see how rich we are?

~and brave,
we’re braver than we know.

October has pounded on me hard
so  I’m few of words
but richer  in love
and braver than before.

“Love is vivid.  I never wanted the pale version.
Love is full strength.  I never wanted the diluted version.
I never shied away from love’s hugeness
but I had no idea that love could be as reliable as the sun.”
-Jeanette Winterson

linking up with some gorgeous orangeness
lorik’s luscious

brushstrokes and blessing….

there is blessing stretching out to brush you,  friend,
for fresh firm grace
to relax
into the time enough,
to stretch out spacious,

to rest into the plenty enough
to cover and fill
every place of need,

to breathe into  space enough
for all your thoughts
to settle gentle,

to lean into healthy connection enough
for living waters
to refresh your spirit strong,

for face pressed into  comfort enough
to see the brilliance flickering
in the dark.

to journey on wrapped in love enough
to weather whatever,
peaceful and grateful
for another day
to do joy,
joy that is enough.

Can you feel the brushstrokes?

“Trust is the fruit of a relationship
in which you know you are loved.”
W. Paul Young
(The Shack)

Several have mentioned how Spring-like these photos.  These beauties are actually an Autumn specialty
where I live…..wild and unruly,  they spill down embankments like rogue waves
on all the backroads I travel.  It’s hard to stay in the car.
Sometimes I want to just park and walk for miles alongside
this sea of smiling faces.

linking up with Sandra to get still, go slow,  and savor.

(I can’t get badges to work right now for some reason.  It’s on the list…’s on the list.)