rolling the load…


 Hey there,  tender shoulders
braced for ache,
tight with dread,
 misreading  muddy signals
and bent heavy with strange yoke. 

what if you roll that load
…rethink  responsibility,
 release the false
to stronger shoulders.
 You know,  loose the urgency,
 rest easy instead
… your strength for love.

Look where you are,  tender soul
right here in the center
of this generous moment,
wrapped in rich enoughness
swollen with lift and light.

Take courage and unsqueeze,
 stretch out wide in safe sweet shelter….plentiful grace.
Listen as soothing Love
 whispers soft over your skittish places
  through the patient beauty of the moments you’re given

 And as you wait for somedays
and someones,
 go ahead and flourish,
scooping up here and now like treasure,
lifting face to the sun
 just let go and live, 
really live.
here are riches yet unwrapped  in the waiting.

 (it’s been a week of perplexing prickles,  really jarring at times.  These are the words I’ve struggled with…whispered through the dark to my shoulders and soul.  I’m glad to share them with you….hope  something may help lift a load from you,  too. 
 My photos will have to tell the stories this week….they were bright kisses and I’m grateful. 

  I’m giddy over some new art and holiday love that I have to share.  Soon!  Always,  thanks for coming by;   you bring me such JOY.)