do pluck the pansies….

I love this time of year when endings and beginnings
and yet-to-be’s  hang clustered  on cold branches.
(fat healthy buds waiting alongside the last leaf clinging
…..God,  this whole season thing turns me on!)

Do you feel it……the year sighing?  the soft heave of breath?

The last leaves drop,
plump,  plump,  plumping up pillow for sleep,
sinking into sanctuary,
seeds scattered,
until time to sprout again.

Don’t despair dormancy,”
I tell anxious customers who fear their beauties have died,
  turning brown and crispy
(and my own soul when my crispy parts drip discouragement).

Somehow Love sends pansies.
…..little shots of hope
with bright faces fluttering true
like candlelight on dark wintry halls,
lullabyes in the night.

DO pluck the pansies……pick those pretties and they’ll bloom all the more.
(Hope is funny that way,  too.)

And,  hey,  come on over and pick some of these
to nourish your heart while cold winds blow.
Check out Amanda Falls of Persistent Green‘s new online magazine Sprout!
SO much shiny goodness……and I got to sprinkle some seeds  in the first issue!


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