making room for miracles……

Stuff is just exactly as broken
and shaky
and gimpy
as it is
but hardly hopeless
and oddly beautiful in the coming undone

So I think I’ll just re-think the tremble
and not crumple up small and slide down under
the coming-up-short,
trying to fix the wobble
so things go smooth
and the flaws don’t show

’cause even though it may stop the squeak and crumble
when I flatten out low,
I wasn’t born to be the wedge
under shaky table legs
so maybe we’ve got something here
that isn’t quite real.

Let’s find another,  truer way.
Cause I don’t want to spend another day
feeling homesick
for me.

“It’s good to do uncomfortable things.
It’s weight training for life.”
-Anne Lamott

I’m here every day this month
resting my soul by posting each day
the song stirring in my heart.
Join me if you like….I love your company.