holding true……


When panic really clears her pipes,
singing loud and off-key
her anxious songs beside me,
I don’t have to change my tune.
I can hold my notes
and keep belting out my song,
keeping true to this heart
that is mine to follow.

Funny how there is more creative energy
in peace
than there is in panic,
more juice
to get loose from the noose
when we keep breathing and smiling and still.

Our song is our birthright
and it flows truest on a river of peace,
peace that is fierce
and powerful
and ours for the choosing.

 ” There is little in our lives we cannot do better
if we are peaceful.  Few situations – no matter how greatly they appear
to demand it -can be bettered by us going berserk.”

“We don’t have to forfeit our peace.  It doesn’t help. We have the same facts and resources available to us when we’re peaceful that are available to us when we’re frantic and chaotic.”

-Melody Beattie