recipe for air supply…..

to refurbish air supply:

While still thoroughly stunned,  slowly sprinke with granules of gratitude.
Watch closely, now……look through the blur for brightness.
Notice.  It’s there.
Find and dry rub into numb places.

Feel free to mix it up;  the combinations are endless.
This time I used….

~Laundry.  Do lots.   Hunt for coins and buy the loveliest dryer sheets.
Don’t hold back….wash garden gloves,  husband’s dirty work  hats (reshape and don’t tell), curtains,
  the afghan that lives on the ottoman.
  Fill  neighborhood with the fragrance. 

~Long brisk walks  (suggest add liberally)

~Thick chunks of warm pumpkin bread

~Grace Potter and the Nocturnals crooning through headphones and loudly

~Twinkle lights. ….add more.

~Unrushed soaking in bookstore ….. take in covers that brush up against your sweet spots.
 Just let them.

~Love like crazy… artwork and notecards loaded down with love and hope in library books, 
on grocery store shelves,
  in random places.
  Really slather this on.

~Pull weeds. …add generous portion of weed pulling.

~Gilmore Girls reruns….just a  dash

~Once you can sing past the lump in your throat,  do.  Make it loud.  And not sweet,  either.  Use your throat.

~Swing your arms.  Alot.

~Rehydrate.  Drink plenty of water. 
And in your tea,  try mixing  fresh lemon,  ginger and a little orange juice.

~cut crisp photos from magazines and stamp or doodle on them….stuff that tugs at the light in your heart.
   Tuck those  into the love you leave around. 
Or into someone’s hand.
  Or into your everydayness.

~Tater tot casserole bubbling in the oven  (yes,  the one from the 70’s)

~Avoid excessive alcohol (too maudlin)
…..instead, vigorously tumble art supplies onto table
for a wild ride into come-what-may.
Paint it out…..or write or draw or collage or photoshop or sew or scissor or snip or scribble or sculpt.
  Just let your hands pray from your heart.
  It drains off the pain and heals stuff.

Finally,  don’t resent  the scar.  Just let it be. 
It’s beautiful.  Really.

“I ask you right here please to agree with me that a scar is never ugly.
  That is what the scar makers want us to think.   But you and I,  we must agree to defy them.
   We must see all scars as beauty,  okay?    Because take it from me,  a scar does not form on the dying.
A scar means,  I survived.” 
  -from Chris Cleave’s “Little Bee”