Carrying Summer inside….

I’ve been on a long explore this month,
a stretchy,  uncomfortable sort of journey of the heart
that’s left me with some stronger muscles,  fresh wings,
and a second wind in the living.
Odd how my surroundings seem changed.

I have so much more space in my cabinets.
Bigger counter tops,  I think.  And the stains in the carpet,
apparently someone rubbed the ugly out.
My house feels taller.

And that face in the mirror
with the kind eyes that smile back at me,
the kind of look I always wanted to see
in a teacher or at a recital,
they make it feel so okay and right at home to just be.

There’s somehow more room,
more space.
more air,
like everything went more expansive and breezy
and yet nothing exactly has changed.

It’s funny how I’ve wished for a Summer
like the ones I knew as a girl,
the kind that stretched out lazy and long and easy and slow,
this one was nothing of the sort,
less like that than any I’ve known
and yet I feel summered more.

Love and lift to all of our brave hearts;
may we carry the sweet things of Summer inside.

“Love makes your soul
crawl out from it’s hiding place.”
-Zora Neale Hurston