A basketfull of being…..

“Write,”  I tell myself.
“Write already,”  my voice pleads.
“You’re too full of unwritten things.”

So I try to find words
to fit around the swollen things inside
but every word I try is just too short,
too tight.
All the words I know
don’t fit.
Instead, I carry the story inside and trust life to teach me the language.

I want to show up true
and bring you something real,
but my heart is churning the butter of what I’ve been living
and it’s not ready yet.
So I’d like to share my process…..the how of my heartshares.

I keep a journal with me everywhere I go.  A sketch pad,  really.
I jot down thoughts that drift and rattle,
phrases and whispers I want to remember
right alongside my lists and living.
Same sketch pad holds my work as a professional gardener.
It’s all one big messy hodgepodge.

When I go still to write a post,  I pull it from the bramble of those fresh-scribbled hours
so it  doesn’t feel  false or faraway.
That would put me off and not satisfy.
It helps me scrape out the juicy pulp of the present.

So I start with a pile of quilt squares….the messy stuff of my sketch pad,
and begin to sort and play.
A lyric that spoke,  the name of a flower that moved me,  a phrase I wrote down to ponder,
a birdsong,  a movie line,  a question,  an ache,  something from my running gratitude list…..
it’s a treasure hunt and I love what I discover,
to learn what life has been saying while I’m busy in the bustle.
That’s the sweet and salty of it all.

Then I get to put it together and make a gift of it for you:
a basketfull of being.

It makes life grand:)
Thanks for dropping by my garden
even when I’m still on my knees.
I love your company.

I’m reading “The Four Agreements” by Miguel Ruiz
Or maybe it’s reading me.  So beautiful.  And fascinating.

“Just to be alive is enough.”
– Miguel Ruiz

(I drew the name “Karen Woodfin” from the mix in last week’s giveaway.
A package-full of love is on it’s way from my heart to hers.
I want to do another one this week….it’s buttery to my heart right now.
leave a comment and your name goes into the hat:))