bird in a skyfull of love….

My heart is full of river and sky
and apple blossom and newborn green,
of leaves uncurling buttery soft
and smelling still not of this world
and it’s a fresh breeze I’m breathing
as the sun shines soft on the field of dreams I carry inside.

My business is busy and my foot is mending
but i’m protecting a chunk of time each day
to throw my love into a project that has my heart
sliding off my sleeve into handmade books I’m making for each of my kids
to give when birthdays blossom in June
and I’m feeling the passion of packing a care package
I want their hearts to carry for the rest of their days

with so much love I’m a bird in flight with a mighty soar
and coming awake and alive all the more
and it’s tilling up some fields of change
making art and cobbling together words for these.

It’s funny how high you can fly when you’re full up wildly in love.
It’s in the love,  isn’t it
… is the flying.

I’m scooping up the edges of my ragamuffin prayers
and wrapping them around you,  too,
that you’ll hear your name in the whispering light
and feel it inside that you matter so big,
you,  all beautiful with belonging,
a twinkle in the eyes of God,
a sight worth seeing,
a song worth singing,
a bird in a skyfull of love.

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world
is what we share with someone else
when we’re uncool.”
-from Almost Famous

keeping shop….

This week has been heartache and healing
and a whole heap of wrestling between the two,
a lot of taking hold and letting go
and when my hands have itched to grab the problem back up
by the scruff of the neck and just fix it already,
wrangle some control and body slam it,
flip it on it’s back and pummel the threat that I feel
because I want to throw on a cape and pull a rescue
in the worst sort of way….

I’ve given my work-weary hands over to making art in the wee hours,
to pray it out,  this stuff of my heart,  with some handmade love.
For a long while I’ve made a  little bite of art each day just to stretch my soul;
I always give it away because that lights me up,
stokes my joy,
but this month I’m making a gift to myself to stretch a little further
and make two or even a few each day,
one to write and send and another to help  re-stock my neglected little etsy store
and I’m finding the juice again in keeping shop.

For a long while I simply made prints if they were needed
and,  for me,  there was no fun in that;
I decided to either squeeze more juice from this part of my life
or lay it down.
I missed the hefty,  textured,  imperfect mess
of making just one unique original
with my heart splashed all over it
and then moving onto something altogether different.
Unique and one of a kind….that’s what makes my heart twirl.
So I’m throwing open the windows of my shop
and letting the bad air out and letting some fresh life rush in
and oh how it soothes and sorts and settles me.


Feel free to drop by and wander around,
if you like.
I’ll be there all month stoking the fire
and sweeping out the yard:)

“Creative work is not a selfish act or a bid for attention
on the part of the actor.
It’s a gift to the world and every being in it.
Don’t cheat us of your contribution.
Give us what you’ve got.”
-Steven Pressfield