Two days to gather….

We had two days together…..two days to gather for Peter’s short leave
before he flies away into combat in a desert faraway,
two days of bonfires and doughnuts 
and long yellow ribbons dancing in breeze
for his eyes to catch the love
and store it away
in his heart
where we always are.

Two days of soaking hungry in their laughter
and pressing through the goodbye hanging heavy
and learning to skype
and biscuits and gravy slow in the morning,
pot roast and trimmings painting air thick with memory.
Two days of simple errands seeming rich
and chairs pulled close around table,
treasure tucked away in the sweet spot of my mind.

And then time pushed ahead and tumbled in,
time to say goodbye.
And we all did it…..all stepped forward to say it
and took the pounding and pinching of it,
stood in the pain of it
alone and together.

I watched my brave ones bend as the sadness stormed down
and not go hard in the pain of goodbye
and I breathed weak thanks for this
and for two days to gather
and for Love that holds us each
and together
in tender knowing hands.

(It’s the  idea that Love knows….really knows
and cares
that helps with breathing
in and out
and I open wide
to the comfort
that comes
….always it comes).