dear heart of mine,

Dear heart of mine,

    I’m writing to you…..yes,  you
~especially that part of you I’ve draped over the line
suspended in time
dangling and exposed
like the rows of diapers I used to hang
from rough wooden clothespins
while my sweetests
clamored happily in the grass below.

Yeah,  the wildly stretched part
where I’m deep marked and lumpy around the scars,
not at all smooth
and, I used to think,
kind of ugly,
an embarrassing,  easy to dismiss sort of heart,
worn too far out on my sleeve
(cover that thing up,  for crying out loud).

Or so I judged.

Today I see you through some clearly different eyes
and I’m done with the harsh hating
of your soft and fragile sides,
the parts that break easy and thump loud with wound
because they love so effing hard.

And I’m fiercely grateful
and glad to call you mine.
So stretch out free and easy,
make yourself at home
you want a shock,  heart of mine?

I think you’re beautiful.

“Don’t give me fountains,  I need waterfalls.  And when I cry my tears will fill an ocean.
The pain of love I’ll accept it all as long as you’ll join me in that emotion.
Cause half of lovin’ is no fun,  give it all,  give it all to me.
I can stand it.  I am strong that way.”
-Carly Simon