slipping soft into mystery

You know how sometimes the wishes your heart makes
fall so deep into soil,
covered over tight
like dormant little seeds,
bulging with aliveness
but so buried and forgotten
over the years since you ached them out
that it feels like finding a tearfully lost childhood treasure
just perched there,
along the shoulder of some unfamiliar road
as you’re driving by
and an ancient wistfulness turns your head
and the secret prayer you dreamed
is. just. sitting. there,
this haunting bloom
…heaven winking right at you with twinkling eyes

and it’s so much sweeter than when your heart whispered it out
because while the seed soaked and slept,
you softened
and your fear died
and the blossom bursts brighter
than a cherry lemon sundrop on a blister-hot day

and you pull over and climb out on this lonely country road,
your heart pounding over finding it here
as if it’s been waiting for you all along
and you turn around quick,
expecting someone in skin

but hear only crickets and the soft rustle of evening leaves
and  some old song droning on the radio
and you can’t even think in “thank you”
because you’re wrapped so thick in mystery
that you just have to wear it
until the wonder climbs inside you
and becomes a part of the smile
that is the only word you can find.

You know how that is?

What if you let your heart remember forward
until it slips soft into the mystery
already in the making.

It’s nice in here.