excuse me while I kiss the sky….

Cheers to a newborn month
and,  everywhere,  seeds swollen with hopefulness,
beginnings and endings ,
ripe hellos,
and  serendipity
as it startles and soothes
like a song when it finds you ready
and it’s magic.

To my parents moving new to my own city,
settling in near
so that this season of their lives can be kissed sweet and close with rest.
and  to fresh wind finding  sails
and fluttering  dreams with light and lift,
and to how it is grace to let hope dance wild,
all bountiful and voluptuous.

To freshly remembering why we do the thing
called Rivergreen,
this sometimes maddening business of shovels and soil and seeds and sweat
connecting heaven to earth
with fresh tumbles and bruises and groaning and growing pains
and how when I press my ear to the chest of the thing
I still hear a strong heart beating out freedom
and I smile
and sigh peaceful.

To living glad in my skin,
freckled deep and  thorn scraped and already tan
and my dermatologist will again scold my passion for the sun
and I’ll nod and agree weak about hats
that will come off when the wind reaches in slow to kiss
and I’ll choose breeze over caution,
purple over gray,
and drink deeply of these days
as they are given.

I’m playing along with shiny Liv’s little bliss list this week;
come on over and join the grateful rumpus!