a warm little bliss list….

I’m joining my joy with Liv’s little bliss list…… sweet somethings that have us all grinning and giddy
this week:

~Sunshine……mounds of the golden stuff,
warm and comforting,
buttery grilled cheese for my soul.

~appointment with a gifted nutritionist,
a generous gift from a gorgeous soul,
new supplements already peeling back fatigue,
and I’m feeling less Winnie the Pooh.

~trekking miles and miles,
sweet wild rambles with friends
through shimmery woods.
and each day,  sunshine joined us.  Happy sigh.

~Refurbished some of last season’s Valentines
and printed on rosey specked recycled paper
with new envelopes in fresh delicious shades of color.

which got me to thinking about hearts and all the ways they get broken, sick, heavy, cold and hard
and WILDLY grateful for all the ways Love can heal, restore, warm, lighten and lift them.

~velvety rich heartshare with youngest son while playing
ping pong.
(so, yes, the new table IS totally worth the space it takes up)

~Hearing my older son’s voice on the phone
from Afghanastan
for the first time since Christmas day
…..still full up from that beautiful, beautiful sound.

~A Spring-like thaw has me outside in T-shirts,
sunkissed freckles out of hibernation
and I know
it needs to go cold again,
to freeze deep the bulbs and bugs and let Winter happen
  this has been a dazzling intermission
and I’m wallowing in every sweet minute of it.

~Sunshine.  Did I mention the sun has been shining it’s big warm heart out?

Bliss List