hugging the brave of me….


Would you like to have a sit with me?
Maybe just take in slow the sky,
and let the silence fall around us  soft
while we  keep the quiet together.

No need for words.
No room for rush,
breathing in the fresh sweet hum of grace;
breathing out the stuff of heavy hearts
into the strong and steady hands
of light,
light that loves us like a song.


Let’s just be still
and surrender to the sound.

Thanks for that.
I’ve been tired,
the kind of tired that comes from doing something scary,
still kinda shaking in my boots
and grinning that I stared it down,
the intimidation that comes
from un-pleasing people.

It’s a good kind of tired,
like when you break up hard ground
till it’s ready to plant.
My plow tip feels a little bent
so I’m resting deep inside
and hugging the brave of me.


I think we’re both a little braver than we think.

“Another Monday comes and I just wanna breathe
’cause it’s a long, long  week for someone
wired to please.
I keep taking my aim,  pushing it higher.
Wanna shine bright,  even brighter now
Wish I would tell myself

Don’t try so hard……”

-Amy Grant and James Taylor