Like the color purple….

Winterness can make my belly go cold,
a snoozy fog rolling  in heavy
can steal away vision,
till I feel stuck and sick and sad
faking me out of joy.

Yeah,  the gray can take me
unless I tend the fire in my belly.
And so I light candles and squeeze radiance into my tea
and slowly slice thin ribbons of kale into soup,
and drizzle thanks over everything
like sweet raspberry jam.

And I have to get my legs free…..move them like the light depends on it,
and dig for bright unexpecteds
(like painting cabinets with blackboard paint)
hidden like precious truffles
and hold them warm to face
and sniff them deeply
inhaling the moist creative breath of Love
until it shimmers me awake
like mystic steam rising from morning mug.

And yesterday’s grace….. The Color Purple on stage,
deep medicine for my soul
rich powerful words that I can’t stop singing,
won’t stop until I sing my heart wide open:

“I believe I have inside of me everything I need
to live a bountiful life
with all the love inside of me
I’ll stand tall as the tallest tree
and I’m thankful for everyday that I’m given,
both the easy and the hard ones I’m livin’
But most of all I’m thankful for loving who I really am.
I’m beautiful.  Yes,  I’m beautiful.
And I’m here.”
(- I’m Here,  from the musical score of The Color Purple)

No matter how cold your fingers and toes
how tired your eyes, how sleepy the sky
and hard your feet against frozen ground,
stoke the fire inside tummy-to-summer-sand toasty
……keep your belly warm.

“Like the color purple
where do it come from?
now my eyes are open,
look what God has done.”
(from The Color Purple)