suddenly soaring instead….

I'm grateful for freedom
 to create the life I choose
 and even when I hesitate and bumble
 there is beauty in the falling forward
 and grace for go again
 so I help myself to seconds
 and love this life that is pure gift anyway,
  grinning wide and grateful

~for the plenty enough little camera in the apple green case
 and pretty scarves to wear in my hair
 and tall trees and sour pickles and small crisp apples
 and fresh weak tea and finding things
 I didn't yet know I was looking for,
~and reading glasses hiding in the pencil pot
 and  curry powder  and crepe myrtle snow,
 ospreys  in flight and  swallows when they swoop
 and baby steps even when they're  slow

~and naps when it's raining,  molasses when it's good
 and daydreams that make me feel brave,
 Burts bees lip balm and second chances
 and how it's sweet when a cramp
stops cramping.
~how it's  relief when you're driving
 and you see a lump
 flapping helplessly in the road 
up ahead
 and it turns out to be
 only a plastic bag,

and I wonder if they're  plastic bags
 I'm running from,
 just spastic fear mind-painting old despair
 I'm going to press the pedal down 
and go now
 and believe in grace enough to cover
 whatever fresh hell in the road up ahead
 ....I may find myself suddenly soaring instead.

“One of the
saddest lines in the world
is ‘Oh come now – be realistic!’
The best parts of this world
were not fashioned by those who were realistic.
They were fashioned by those
who dared to look hard at their wishes
and gave them horses to ride.”
-Richard Nelson “