Homefires and holiday….

Hello,  you great big beautiful
blustery,  generous,  appreciative, rich-hearted
season of harvest and hay and holiday,
with your thankful, engaging way.
Welcome,  with your early firelit evenings
and deeper sleeps beneath the blankets,
your uncanny gift for drawing children home
and chairs up closer around the table.

I love what you do to my heart,
stoking homefires and sending me tumbling again
head over heels in delicious,  grateful, honest love
with those I love already but focused in stronger somehow.
Celebration….that’s what you churn up
in the hard business of living
and I honor the way you send me swooning
over stuff I sometimes forget to see and count and savor

So now here you come again with your easy,  humble way,
the gathering season.

And I’m gathering treasured moments from the year
and making art in celebration
for the hearts that encourage mine
to thump grateful and dig deeper and laugh louder and live truer.

That includes,   of course,  you,  dearheart.
I’d love to send each of you something that I make up  special
just for you personally but the hours won’t have it
so I’ll do a little drawing for one name each week this month
from the comments
….just say hello
and you’re in the drawing for some handwritten,   homemade love.


And please knoweach of you,  how very rich and beautiful
and nourishing you help make my journey.
I’m honored and thankful to share the road with you.

“Thanksgiving.  For the uncomplicated happiness of babies
and friendship and food.
And for the complicated joys that come from loss,
from failure,  from reaching the bottom and pushing back up
to the light.”
-Shauna Niequist