windchimes and waiting…..


I’ve  followed my heart these many years
down a brave path that scared me alive
and grown a little  worn over time by the climb,
a trek that turned menacing steep and squeezy
and I can only put my hands up
and pull sometimes,
my courage growing  threadbare
along these narrow ledges.

And then,  suddenly,
comes this wild wind swooping,
tossing me high into a clearing,
my heart flopping giddy  with surprise
and taking on hope
like a ship sinking fast
in a sea of  sweet mercy.

Because this place feels safe
in a way I’ve been hungry to feel
and my feet love the solid of the
grassy  ground beneath.

And I can barely whisper this to you,
full up  with “can this be real?
and I don’t really know
if it’s true,
if I can stay
and so hard to wait and see.

It may be only the stir of a breeze
just a temporary gentling of this rocky climb
or  maybe  just a generous listening rock,
a place to catch my breath more deeply
and hear what the wind may sing.

But  fresh fire has lit the pilot light
on some dreams that got broken along the way
and there’s a new  stirring of  windchimes
somewhere in my heart
like the sound of a long forgotten friend
who I remember instantly
by hearing her voice
and it feels like going home
to somewhere I’d forgotten.

(I hope I will have news for you next week,  I do.
And please, yes,  if you’d like to lift a prayer or two!)

“…and suddenly you know:  it’s time to start something new
and trust the magic of beginnings.”
-Meister Eckhart