52 candles….

It’s my birthday this week and I’m plunking
52 fresh candles in my lemon blueberry cheesecake,
deep down ridiculously glad to be alive in 52 (new)
glad and grateful ways:

~for fresh skies and new trails to hike,
~the soul sweetness of being with safe people,
~the resistance that enables us to fly,
~the grace to listen slow,
~wiggle room….the beauty of spaciousness,
~creating art for the simple joy of it,  and
~clean libraries,

~for our fascinating weaknesses and imperfections
~good coaches and coaching,
~for healthy intimacy….the real stuff that isn’t illusion,
~audio books when my hands are happily covered in paint,
~golden moments in the sun,  warm and wrapped in light.
~the large,  friendly quiet of the early morning,
~the sleepy sighs of dogs plopped and snuggled
at my feet,
~the hoo hoo hoooo of an owl in the woods,


~when sometimes into life’s overwhelm come soft days,
thickset with grace,
~sea kayaks and coppertone air and  summertime dreaming,
~those times when you feel like a bird with a big song,
~the first flutters and tenderlings of Spring,
~the shepherd psalm,

~song lyrics and movie lines that make your heart leap,
~thank you’s….all the creative ways that appreciation
gets expressed,
~the beauty and honor of Native American culture
and each baby step toward restoration of these noble people,
~how “the Lord lives among pots and pans”  (Teresa of Avila)
~Melody Beattie and Brene Brown and their brilliance shared,
~ poetry and prayer,

~for the cool breeze of friends who are shade in the swelter
and help to stir my dreams vivid and shining,
~the simple beauty of spending less than I make,
~the poignant power of well chosen words,
~every laugh that shakes my children’s bellies,
~that we are not our pain,  not our problems,
and there are exciting,  interesting things in store for us
and  we get to  cooperate with the universe by taking good,
tender loving care with ourselves,


~the big heart-massage and brain de-clutter of morning pages,
~hot steamy baths,
~the whoosh of satisfaction when all the gardens tucked in for a long winter’s nap,
~cutting into a really juicy  lime,
~the beauty of timely support,
~the gorgeousness of vulnerability,
~the way the pain and loss of tragedy reminds me to love out loud,
to say it,  write it,  grow it,  guard it,  live it,  show it
and dance all over the fear that I’ll be rejected or look a fool
….I’d rather put my love out there than hide it away unexpressed,

~for the freedom to get hopping mad,
~the gift of solution,
~the joy of just turtling along,  free to mosey,
and also the thrill of zooming
and that we mostly get to choose,
~the sweetness of new season,  new rhythm,  new dance
with the same partner,
~the deliciousness of coming uncaged,
~for the gnarly,  stretchy stuff….that life without tension
goes shallow,


~people who are generous with a smile,
~learning to forgive ourselves for what we didn’t know
before we learned it,
~for how much easier life gets when we accept the apologies
that we never got,
~sunny stone walls to lean against warm
when icy winds blow,
~after-storm clarity
~and the deep breath of relief when we let love come near
our unloved places
and get some healing done.

~for naps and sweet, sweet sleep when it comes
~and for another year to sing into the wind
that life is precious,  love is treasure,  time is currency
and it is pure gift
to be here now.

There they are…..the 52 new candles flickering in my heart this year.
I’m so grateful to be able to serve up a slice to you,  friend.
Love and thanks for coming around to help me celebrate.
You make my life richer than I can say.


“I decided that the most subversive,  revolutionary thing I could do
was to show up for my life
and not be ashamed.”
-Anne Lamott

51 candles….

glad for etsyedited

I’m deep down ridiculously glad and grateful for:

~warm winter sunshine pouring through clean windows,
~the free and airy feeling  of  stretching  your legs
after being scrunched up cramped in a seat for too long,
~ taking a mug of steaming hot goodness into cold hands,
~the peaceful feeling of watching a river flow,
~chocolate melting slowly in your mouth,
~whenever someone brings you flowers,

~the smell of freshly bathed dog,
~kind,  balmy words that feel like a shot of courage,
~the simple  joy of making lists,
~soft,  clean ice that “poufs” when you crunch it,
~a pillow that fits your neck just right,
~the relief of a faraway flashlight signaling
“we found them!”

~winter-shy feet sinking warm into sandy beach,
~days when you can go turtling along….just mosey,
~tattoos,  even when they’re only on your heart,
~the smell of good hamburgers cooking on a grill,
~the smell of sunshine in towels and clothes
fresh from a clothesline,
~throwing out books that used to tie your heart in knots,


~an open window,  even in the wintertime,
~those times when you can feel it,  that God is sweet on you,
~cornfields and rolling hills
~when a song just seems to drop right from heaven
deep into your secret heart,
~that “it’s alright now,  I’ve learned my lesson well
…you see you can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself”

~all the next steps,  fresh adventures,  and divine connections
still waiting around new bends,
~the feeling of getting lost in the flow of something satisfying,
~all the ways that poetry happens,
~dancing while you work,
~un-scratchy,  comfy clothes that feel like childhood,

~friends that love you even when you don’t always answer the phone
and sometimes let texts lapse,
~when sleep is sweet and finds you easy,
~shoes that are good to your feet,
~the pain that presses hard things into words so they tumble into the light
and let the bad air out,


~ the little triumphant thrill that happens
when you re-purpose or recycle something and it just works,
~when you  remember to look up and gaze at the stars,
~the feeling that you know you couldn’t earn it but you
get a golden ticket anyway,
~the feeling of looking  fear in the face
and it backs down,

~favorite movie lines….ones you’ll remember and quote,
~the way stress puddles at your feet like sawdust
when you give yourself over to creating,
~for night sounds that comfort and soothe,
~when your heart feels peace where questions rattled around before,
~the willowy way you feel after working out,
~the sound of moving water,
~ full circle moments,

~reading glasses and ringtones,
~the feeling when someone just lets you be,
~the way it feels when someone says your name fondly,
~the nourishment of wild places,
~when people pull together to help in a crisis,
~the strength of gentleness,
~and bubbles in your drink.

~and YOU,  of course,  my blogging friend
…I  love sharing this journey with you .
(and wish you could help nibble my cake,  too)

Two years ago I wrote down 49 reasons
I love this wonderful messy business of living.
This year I challenged myself to dig up 51 completely new reasons to celebrate this delicious life of mine.
I thought it’d be hard because I already counted the
really good stuff.
Turns out there are plenty of pickins’ still left in the field!

“I’ll have no trumpets,  triumphs,  trails of glory.
It seems the woman I’ve turned out to be
is not the heroine of some grand story.
But I have learned to find the poetry
in what my hands can touch,
what my eyes can see.”
-Judith Viorst

I’m sharing this over at Vision and Verb today,  too
….I love this creative bunch of writers.