dancing with doodles and daydreams…



Can I show you what I’ve been up to?
For a long while I’ve wished for a way I could share
these heartcries and hopesongs as a gift
I could place in someone’s hands,
a sort of book only without the thump,
nothing long or heavy or traditional,
just pages that my words can leap from
and with big,  dazzling color that sings
and still I dance with that dream
but the cost seems like madness


so I keep making these chunks to pass around like brownies
because it stirs my joy
and have a few so far,  these riversongs,  to gift and share
and that makes me ridiculously glad,
each little pod of art on heavy card stock
bound with simple twine
and a little piece of my heart.
I put this one in my etsy shop to see if  the breezes stir.

Tell me what you think,  would you?
Do you think something  I’ve written here on my blog,
crafted into art,
would be an interesting gift for others to give?


I’d appreciate hearing what you think about what I’ve got cooking.
I’m thinking you could suggest a tweak here or some spice there.

Even if it’s only for my own gift-giving,
it’s pure  joy to take the bits and pieces of my life,
recycled bits of art and nubs of pastels and squirts of paint
and doodles and daydreams and mix them into new and colorful jams
to help pour out my love.

If you’ll leave me a helpful comment or suggestion,
I’d love to draw a name or two and send this gift your way.
(happy shiver every time I gift one!)

I’ll announce the winner next week
and have several to choose from.

(glad sigh)