Coming into canopy, again….

Crispy and cluttered and coming undone
I come,
crawling into the lap of love,
my “what if”s coaxed
into caring,  capable hands.

and I go calm as living breezes
croon over me soft
with kisses of courage
and nuzzles of comfort

-this love is clever enough,
doesn’t even need my strength,
just wants me,
my real,  true colors.

I go still
as soothing shelter coaches my soul
to cast off the cares,
toss the control,
and let it captivate me,
this clean cooling light
that cradles,
and companions.

Yeah,  I’m covered.
It’s all covered.

I wrote these words last July and posted them here then,  too.
Just needed them again….needed to tuck in beneath them
and let them work on the tight knots in my soul.

Always I thank you for coming around to let me share.
And what do you think of these paintings I’ve been playing with
for outdoor spaces?
I’m kind of over the moon about this happy experiment
….they do make the woods sing!