fly away home….

I didn’t expect him for days
when my sister invited us to come over after work
and swim the dogs
so I headed tired and dirty for her pond
and Libby swam past the ball I threw
toward a boat
gone loose from it’s moorings
and a hat on the water
moving slowly from behind…

until a face began to emerge
and  something in the way he moved
made my knees give way
and a million thoughts log-jammed inside my head
and my voice sounded small and far away
as I breathed out

My mind
couldn’t find it’s way around
what I was seeing,
my son
coming up out of the pond,
home from war.

And just like that,  he was here.
Homecoming,  Petey style.

Words have been slow to find me
like I’ve been in a dream.
Some moments you never forget.
This was one of mine.

“Farewell for awhile,
I’m going away
but I’ll be back
though I go 10, 000 miles.”
-Mary Chapin Carpenter

I can’t think of a thank you
that sounds quite enough
like what my heart sends
for every morsel of love
and light
that helped bring him safely home.
I’m altogether grateful.