whisper in a crowd…..

I keep showing up,
carving out space and time
to rest my eyes on sky
while the sun shimmers low on the horizon,
suspended like a breath
and then exhales into the night,

keep being wowed by how quickly it happens,
how easy to slip right by
if I do just this one thing first,
like a whisper in a crowd,
I could miss it in the scurry
because life is sweeping past
and if you don’t kneel down and put your hand into the river
you may not recognize.

now 2

And I have sometimes drawn back from the living
because I feel so much,
sometimes feel it all too much
and the pain can make me flinch and close up tight inside
for just a while
and as I watch all these ordinary little whiles
fill up with so much I wouldn’t want to miss,
bits I’ve mostly missed my whole life long,
it shakes me awake to the choices I hold

and as each day I walk home
rubbing sunspots from my eyes
I feel stronger in the showing up,
as if all of this light is infusing my choosing
as these days,  they quickly go by.

now 4

“Time keeps on slippin,  slippin,  slipping  into the future….”
-Steve Miller

So I wrote this last September…..the words didn’t find me this crazy-busy week
(my little gardening business is at it’s busy season peak and I’m tired and smell of ben gay)
But it holds truer still today, this piece,  and I wanted to serve it up fresh
with love
because I’d miss you too much if I didn’t come around at all.  Big hugs all around.