finish lines and freedom…

City streets sang as the starter gun splashed the morning awake,
the 8K runners surging into motion,
a bright and feathered circus rolling around the bend
and from sight,
this grinning mother waiting with ready camera
for my brave girl to cross another finish line.

As I walked the sidewalk,  waiting, 
a city garden snored,
sleeping in the early winter shadow
cast by brick and stone

and my heart was caught up in the fierce beauty
of another quiet race
and I drew near to watch timid, tender faces
reaching from dark places
and I was stirred to cheering for us all.

You GO,
with your sweet quiet courage,
breaking out of shadow 
into wholeness,
into yes-to-who-you-are-ness,
into light.

This quiet little race dazzles my heart
and I’m bathed in hope
and sent soaring back down the sidewalk
toward finish lines
and freedom
and my own next steps forward.

Thanksgiving was a beautiful time for me,  even with the giant Peter-sized hole and a head swimmy with cold.  Loving and lifting you all as we head into this last turn of the year….that we all finish strong with sweet peace and swelling hope. 
Cheering wildly in your corner,