The rumble and the roar…..

Do you know it, the strange sort of strangle
that can slip through sideways like a ghost,
a creeping sort of vapor that hushes away your voice
until it’s tied up inside a dream you can’t remember?

And then Love sends a rescue and life pricks sharp and draws blood,
shaking you hard from the spell
and you feel it rumbling,  bellydeep,  this awakening,
and you crawl back into the dream to reclaim what you lost

and what you find is a song that your fingers ache to play
but they don’t know the notes anymore
until you wrestle free the music hiding still inside your soul
and you ride it like a wave ’till you’re untangled.

It’s where I’ve been and I want to say it sucks because it hurts
but I’m re-naming it adventure,
leaning in for the journey with a barefoot heart.
A walkabout with Spirit.  A terrible beauty.
And with every step further in I take,  fresh joy comes rushing up like strength,
and I feel some years peeling back away from places gone silent
until it sounds a little something like a roar.

Oh don’t hide from healing when it comes:)

“The thing about chaos,  is that while it disturbs us,  it too,  forces our hearts to roar
in a way we may secretly find magnificent.”
-Christopher Poindexter

I’ll be sending a copy of my October Ripplesongs to Barbara of Long Hollow
with a whole lot of joy and thanks:)