that breath we hold…..

That breath you’re holding,
the one you’re saving back until
you feel permission
to relax into your place
at the universe’s table,

that breath you suck in tense until the someday when you’ll feel like you’re enough,
where you’re still feeling less than
….can I pass you a note
to that suspended space?

There is something quietly and genuinely significant about you
There’d be a sad, dark hole in this beautiful living canvas
without you.
You’re a fascinating,  custom fit,
particular and priceless by design.

Go look up at the stars tonight,
and see how they shine,
winking and nodding and noticing you back,
the whole inky blackness of the vast night sky
a mat rolled out in welcome
to,  yes,  that would be you.

the universe extended gentle and generous
to affirm you just exactly where and how
you are,
each of your feelings mattering,
each your needs worth meeting,
each of the beats of your beautiful heart
highly prized by the Lover of all wild things

What if you let that exhorbitant Love name your value
and let that breath go.
Stand under the great wide sky all small and mighty and cherished
and breathe all the way down past the dregs of that fear
and embrace it,  your fit and flow

I totally dare you.

 “Much of our anxiety and fearfulness stems,  I believe,
from constantly telling ourselves that we’re just not up to facing the world
and all its situations.
Nathaniel Branden calls this “a nameless sense of being unfit for reality.
I’m here to say we’re fit for reality.
Wherever we need to go and whatever we need to do,
we are appropriate for that situation.
We will do just fine.  Relax.”
-Melody Beattie

(thanks for coming around to join me on this little journey
whenever you like
each day this August,
I’m finding some deeper air,  resting me free)