born free…..the lioness of me

I remember the first movie I ever saw…….Born Free.
I was swept up by beautiful Elsa and her connection with her humans and their love and care,
her trueness tugging deep ache to roam free,
her painful struggle to fully become the lioness of her,
and the brave letting go of those who loved her.
The soaring story and haunting beauty of the music
carved deep grooves in my spirit

I was carried sobbing to the lobby several times,
clutching my red charms lollipop in sticky, three year old hands
…I felt it so strong, the Elsa in me;
the movie marked me,
like a soul tattoo.

Somehow soon after I lost my spark….it wasn’t anybody’s fault.
Just me believing messages that weren’t true,
growing up ashamed of my roar.
It felt safer to be a nice,  neat pet who didn’t make a mess,
living like a house cat with a big wild voice rumbling around in my belly,
wanting to  live out loud and wide and open and spacious
….pacing,  pacing inside myself.

But that was then.

I’m finding again the Elsa in me,
the jazz of my own voice calling out true
and this primal  joy rises each time I say what I mean,
like zooming over a rise in the road when your stomach goes all airborne
for just a minute
and a little aura of belly laugh
dances around in your spirit
for a while after.
Yeah,  it’s like that.
And I’m turning up the music of my life
and this lion-heart I was born free to follow

“Born free,  as free as the wind blows;
as free as the grass grows
born free to follow your heart.”
-Andy Williams

I’m posting here every day this August,
a gift to myself,
which is a whole lot of work that rests my soul.
Sometimes rest is funny that way.
Drop by when you like…..I always enjoy your company:)