Summer, sing me home…

I want to love  you,  summertime
and s……l……o…….w   this life on down,
going all fluid and free and fascinated,
to live out my art in vivid color
and drink the thanks from every ripe moment.

I want to wander into the mountains with my camera
and hear again the owl in the woods
and find some new swimming holes
and dance by the light of the moon.

I want to dab coppertone behind my ears
and munch cilantro  pulled plenty from the soil
and resuscitate my relationship with the local library
and write a good answer to give
when people say what I should.

I want to linger longer outside on summer nights
and get over the bugs
because you can’t have one without the other
and embrace the storms,
paint my toes berry bright
and get more scars.

To fill my arms with farmer’s market goodness
for fresh salsa
and cobblers
and to  remember how all I need is already here,
to re-purpose,  refurbish and restore
what I didn’t notice before
and when I feel empty,  to fill up on thanks
and wear the coolest cotton dresses.

I want to let summer love me,
to take in the sweetness
and not wish it away in the waiting
for sweet soldier to come home,
to open wide to each shot of courage as it comes
and not miss a moment of living
in all the surviving

and, yes,  I will love you,  summertime.