brushstrokes and blessing….

there is blessing stretching out to brush you,  friend,
for fresh firm grace
to relax
into the time enough,
to stretch out spacious,

to rest into the plenty enough
to cover and fill
every place of need,

to breathe into  space enough
for all your thoughts
to settle gentle,

to lean into healthy connection enough
for living waters
to refresh your spirit strong,

for face pressed into  comfort enough
to see the brilliance flickering
in the dark.

to journey on wrapped in love enough
to weather whatever,
peaceful and grateful
for another day
to do joy,
joy that is enough.

Can you feel the brushstrokes?

“Trust is the fruit of a relationship
in which you know you are loved.”
W. Paul Young
(The Shack)

Several have mentioned how Spring-like these photos.  These beauties are actually an Autumn specialty
where I live…..wild and unruly,  they spill down embankments like rogue waves
on all the backroads I travel.  It’s hard to stay in the car.
Sometimes I want to just park and walk for miles alongside
this sea of smiling faces.

linking up with Sandra to get still, go slow,  and savor.

(I can’t get badges to work right now for some reason.  It’s on the list…’s on the list.)