stuffing stockings for you….

Stockings are my favorite.
I closed my eyes today and stuffed one for each of you,
my heart layering wishes and prayers
into bright quilted spiritsocks to send on Christmas breezes.

Down in the bottom,  like a big shiny apple,
I plunked a prayer that you’d hop quick and light through tangles
like a surefooted wren in underbrush,
never bogged down or boxed in.

Then I melted down the crayons
that would color you a victim,
scooped balls from the molten pools, 
then sculpted and dried into powerful pellets
for you to pitch at lies and sink them
like the accuser in a dunking booth.

I dropped in big belly laughs,  lush meadows,  quiet pools,
and plenty of light and space,
a string of exhuberant stars burning hopeful through the night
that you’re never alone,
and a Mary Oliver poem about another sunny morning
and the lucky person who is in it
(oh let that happy lark be you)

I tucked in Dickenson’s wish that your rambles be sweet,
your reveries spacious,
and some colorful feathers that whisper “you’re worthy of wings”

I draped a bouquet of flowers from the top
to gently croon that it’s safe to bloom
and a loveable Lionel….a sort of communication angel like his character in The King’s Speech
to coach out every bit of your voice that may still huddle stuck and shut down.

Into the nooks and crannies I tucked candles that flicker encouragement,
pretty little packages of savory sustenance
and teas for chasing chill and fatigue.
Then I scooped in a whole caboodle of newborn dreams;
they trickled down like skittles into every crevice,
and some truffles of precious time wrapped in glittering foil
in strong flavors of go slow and savor
(I went heavy on these so that THIS year you’re gaining time)

And I smiled at all the love packed snug like a stowaway inside;
I hope you feel it like a song,
a warm hand on your back when you need another along,
a blanket pulled up on a cold night,
a glad squeeze for how you share and shine.

Go ahead and open it early……there will always be more,
always be enough,

A big warm thankyou to beautiful Kamana for having me over at her stunning place!  Treat yourself to a visit
to her warm island and even warmer heart.